Hi, I made this blog with delicious things to me, funkies, erotic fantasies, music, love, lovers, sex, sexy love making and whatever nice turns me on. That is all.
Feel free to enjoy it as you like.
NSFW, but whatever if you dare:)
...most of the images were taken from internet, my own are mixed within....
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“When I was thirteen I spent a lot of time pretending to like dance music because everyone at my school seemed to love it. If only I’d known it was OK to have different tastes to others and that one day my mind would be blown open by an older man who would introduce me to The Smiths, The Cure, Buzzcocks, Talking Heads and almost every other band I adore to this day.” - Alexa Chung, IT.

(Source: italexa, via cclueless)

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